i thought when U2 got on my phone like a week ago or something that i accidentally bought something on itunes. luckily thats not the case lol

Thanks David Ash

Even though we didn’t always get to see you play, the fact that you were playing at QB1 always made us a sleeper contender whenever we were ranked.

We saw the brimming potential in the bowl game against Oregon State

We saw a good to great start of the season in 2013 

and a decent showing at North Texas

You provided alot of hope in this “struggling to find its identity” team

Cheers and best of luck

Progress Check 9-10-14

1. 3 months since surgery exact
2. walk, light exercise, squat normal
3. overprotonate, hyperextension in both legs, weight distribution uneven in feet, wearing prescription soles since (9-8-14, not dr scholls)
4. jog extremely weak, right quad 4 cm bigger in girth.
5. 0-10, 5 max pain in outside meniscus
6. swimming is fine, 1-2hr no problem
elliptical is cleared 3/4 -1 hr no problem
7. squat, still weak.
8. current vertical: 20” (always straining pain)
9. ETA jog: bottom of september
10. brace: highly advised in potentially unstable locations