Been studying alot from Thursday and still until about Wednesday

4 tests. 2 lab reports. So annoyed, but I spend alot of time listening to music. That being said, Im writing a post to reflect on how much has changed in 10-11 years.

Biggest influences on me while growing up. Alot of these albums perfectly expressed my emotions as a kid/teen.


1. Late Registration by Kanye West

2. Doctors Advocate by The Game

3. The Cool by Lupe Fiasco

4. College Dropout by Kanye West

5. The Documentary by The Game

6. Graduation by Kanye West

7. Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park

8. Demon Days by Gorillaz

9. Passion, Pain, and Pleasure by Trey Songz

10. Β All the Suzuki Violin Volumes, All the Solos for Young Violinists Volumes, Kreutzer 42 Caprices, Hrimaly Scale Studies

I’d probably mention Chris Brown, but his music sucks so much now. Oh yeah probably All of the Above by Hillsong United.

Was there ever a cross that was convenient? Was there ever a convenient way to die? I have never heard of any, and judgment is not going to be a matter of convenience, either! Yet we look around for convenience, thinking we can reach the mountain peak conveniently and without trouble or danger to ourselves. Actually, mountain climbers are always in peril and they are always advancing at their inconvenience.

A.W. Tozer (via craigtowens)